How many kinds of plating and surface coloring we will use to decorate your eyewear?

Fashion,that’s what all eyewear practitioner seek. But how to make our eyewear fashion?  Plating is one of the key element.

Let me show you several different kinds of plating and surface coloring.

1、Single color plating/ Two-color plating/Three-color plating:

It’s easy to understand. But one point I should mention, in general,three-color plating is the maximum. If you wanna more color on your eyewear,  other technology should be considered.

2、Brushed plating

3、Elastic paint(Touch its surface like skin)

4、Vintage paint

5、Temperature controlled plating

Pls check this article:

6、Crackle paint

7、Jet drawing or colored drawing

8、Progressive Plating

9、Coating stained paper

There are many technologies I haven’t mention. If you’re interested, pls let me know, we could make further discussion. (Email: [email protected]; WhatsApp: (+86)15810584211)

I trust our design team will give you the best solution for your design.

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